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We create custom websites for companies in Chicago. We are an independent web design, SEO and branding agency.

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Elevate your brand with a custom-built corporate website that reflects your company’s identity and values. Our expert team blends design finesse with seamless functionality to create a digital hub that connects with your audience and drives business growth.

Online Stores & Ecommerce

Open your digital store to the world with our ecommerce solutions. From intuitive navigation to secure payment gateways, we craft e-commerce platforms that deliver exceptional user experiences and maximize conversions, helping you thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

Online Booking Systems

Streamline your hotel or experience reservation process and enhance customer convenience with a tailored booking website. Our solutions empower businesses to manage appointments, bookings, and schedules effortlessly, optimizing operations and delivering unparalleled user experiences.

We create customized online booking systems for hotels and experiences.

How is the process?

Briefly, we could summarize it in three phases


First meeting and briefing

We will create a document where we will define general information about your company, objectives, inspiration websites, main outline and other issues in order to better understand the project and be able to layout a first structure of the website or online store.


Custom website creation

According to what we define in the briefing and what we see that works in the sector, we will create a first structure of the website and we will do a first review to see if you like the line, if you want to add or remove any section, detail certain sections, etc. . until we achieve the structure we are looking for. Once we have the structure prepared, we will integrate all the original content (photos and text).


SEO On page, launch and training

When we have the web project ready, we will integrate on-page SEO and analytics tools. We will launch the website and keep track of your users over the next two months. During this period, we also offer guides and necessary training to be able to manage the project, change photos, texts or upload products among other options.

Latest projects


A web page where you can edit and update the content without having to depend on a webtomanageable developer

Analytics tools

We control user behavior, your positions on Google, define keywords and maximize conversions.


If there is something that differentiates us, it is that we can create the website you have in mind. Tell us your idea and we will create a custom design for your online store.

Axolot Agencia

Why do businesses in Chicago need a website?

It’s important to understand that currently if you don’t have a digital presence, your brand doesn’t exist. Chicago is undergoing significant digitalization, and many of the businesses around you have already taken the step.

An online presence that communicates all the values of your brand is essential to compete in the new market.

What does your website include?

  • Custom web design and development
  • On-page SEO included
  • 2 months of maintenance included
  • Monitoring, analytics, and opportunity search
  • Long-term SEO strategy
  • Integration with necessary platforms/channels
  • Free consultations

Frequently asked questions about web design in Chicago

The significance of establishing an online presence for your business in Chicago cannot be overstated, especially in the context of the rapid digitization our city is undergoing. Answering the pivotal question, “Does my business in Chicago need a website?” becomes imperative.

Considering the diverse purposes a website can serve, ranging from corporate pages to online stores and customized platforms, it’s crucial to align your website type with your business goals. A website isn’t a static entity; rather, it’s a dynamic tool requiring time and dedication as an investment.

While having an aesthetically pleasing website is essential, its true value lies in its utility and accessibility to customers. In essence, a website serves as a strategic asset for your business. The primary objective is to establish a robust online presence for your brand or products, particularly on popular search engines like Google.

Web Design Agencies in Chicago

In the vibrant digital landscape of Chicago, numerous companies engage in fierce competition across various sectors through their digital initiatives. At Axolot, we specialize in website development in Chicago and operate virtually. Whether you’re located in Chicago or nearby areas, considering the dynamic online environment, a well-crafted website becomes a necessity.

If you seek professional assistance in web design and development, our team is equipped to enhance your online presence. Being a reputable web design agency in Chicago, we understand the unique demands of the local market. Feel free to reach out to us; we’re eager to learn about your project and discuss how we can contribute to its success.

Ensuring a professional web design in Chicago involves a strategic approach that caters to the specific needs of your target audience. Whether you’re engaged in website development in Chicago or seeking a reputable web design agency in the area, optimizing the user experience is paramount. Here are key considerations to enhance your web design:

  1. Loading Speed: In today’s fast-paced digital era, speed is paramount. To provide the best user experience, prioritize optimizing all resources on your website for fast loading times. A swift-loading site contributes significantly to user satisfaction.

  2. Intuitive Navigation: Opt for designs that are simple and intuitive to ensure a comfortable user experience. Logical organization of content and the use of resources that genuinely reflect your service or product contribute to seamless navigation.

  3. Brand Image: Your website serves as the online face of your business, making it crucial to reflect your brand accurately. Maintain consistency in your color palette and style, utilizing legible typography across various browsers for a cohesive brand representation.

  4. Optimized Content: While visual appeal is vital, it’s equally important for your audience to discover your website. Focus on creating high-quality, optimized content aligned with a strategic positioning approach. Address the specific needs of your audience, as Google emphasizes providing solutions to problems or needs.

  5. Analytics Tools: Integration of analytics tools is a pivotal aspect of any digital project. By understanding user behavior on your site, you can gather valuable insights such as where users spend the most time or reasons for cart abandonment. Leveraging this data enables you to optimize functionality and enhance relevant sections of your website.

Whether you’re embarking on web page design in Chicago or collaborating with a web design agency, implementing these considerations ensures a professional and user-friendly web presence tailored to the unique demands of the Chicago market.

A corporate website is a platform designed primarily to provide information about your brand and services to a specific target audience. With an active corporate website, you can establish a stable brand presence on major search engines like Google.

The corporate pages we design at Axolot typically consist of several sections:

  1. Home: This section summarizes the website’s information, providing an introduction for users to see who you are and what you do from the moment they enter the site.

  2. About Us or Team: This section provides information about your company or team, helping visitors understand your organization’s background, values, and mission.

  3. Services: Here, we detail the services your business offers, giving visitors insight into what you can provide them.

  4. Blog: The blog section allows you to add content to your website without overloading other sections. It’s a space where you can share valuable insights, news, and updates related to your industry or business.

  5. Contact: This section includes contact information and a form connected to your email inbox, allowing visitors to reach out to you easily.

  6. Privacy Policy according to GDPR: We ensure that your website complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by including a privacy policy that outlines how you collect, use, and protect user data.

  7. Cookie Policy: We include a cookie policy that informs users about the cookies used on your website and how they can manage their preferences.

If you’re looking to create a corporate website and have found our website – Web Design Chicago, we would be delighted to learn about your project. Even though we are based in Cantabria, we also work online.

An online store, much like a corporate website, allows us to provide information about our brand to our users, but we can also sell products directly.

Online stores are composed of several sections such as the home, the “about us” section, a blog, and a contact page (similar to corporate websites), with the difference that instead of a page to explain services, we will have a store with all the products.

One of the main differences is that online stores integrate a payment platform (which is a virtual POS) so that users can make purchases directly from the website.

It is also necessary to connect the agency and the methods for shipments as well as to configure the rates for different countries.

At Axolot, we work on online stores in WordPress and provide our clients with training at the end of the project, so they can manage the store themselves (add new products, edit availability, etc.) always with our support.

Online stores in WordPress can be automated quite a bit since there are several tools and plugins that can be integrated to perform the functions your business needs.

You can add product reservations, coupons, bundled purchases, and much more.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that allows us to create self-managed websites for clients who have no programming knowledge. At Axolot Agency, we work with different tools depending on the project and its requirements.

We primarily work on corporate websites and online stores using WordPress, always with our own theme, which we have created to improve the efficiency and positioning of the pages we create.

This theme allows us to create custom designs, so if you have something very specific in mind, you can contact us, and we will advise you. We always create different websites because each business has its essence and none are the same.

We also work with other content management systems like PrestaShop or Shopify.

Additionally, we work on custom platforms or Android applications with more complex functions. Among the programming languages we work with, the most common ones are:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • PHP

Web Design in Madrid and Surrounding Areas

At Axolot, we also work online, so if you are looking for web design services in Madrid or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear about your project.

It depends a lot on the type of website you need. Corporate or informational websites, which include sections like home, about us, services, blog, and contact, are usually ready within 2 to 3 weeks if we have the collaboration of the client regarding information and certain content necessary to complete the project.

Before initiating the creation of a website in Chicago, it’s crucial to meticulously consider the following aspects, incorporating relevant keywords:

  1. Website Objective: Define the purpose of your website. Are you aiming to sell products or services? Provide information about your company or organization? Generate leads or acquire new clients? Clarifying these objectives ensures a focused and strategic approach to web development.

  2. Target Audience: Identify the specific audience your website intends to reach. What is their age range? What are their interests? In what languages do they communicate? Tailoring your website to the preferences and demographics of your target audience enhances its effectiveness.

  3. Competition: Analyze your competitors in the Chicago market. What successful strategies are they employing? Identify areas where you can outperform them to gain a competitive edge in your niche.

  4. Design: Select a design that aligns with your brand and resonates with your Chicago audience. Consider keywords such as “web design aesthetics,” “website color schemes,” and “graphic elements for websites” to ensure an visually appealing and engaging user experience.

  5. Content: Plan the content for your website, keeping in mind essential information and engaging elements for your visitors. Keywords such as “website content strategy” and “compelling web copy” can guide you in creating content that captivates and informs your audience.

  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Strategically choose keywords for SEO to enhance your website’s visibility in search results. Include terms like “SEO optimization Chicago,” “local SEO strategies,” and “website keyword research” to boost your online presence.

  7. Legality: Ensure your website complies with legal regulations and possesses the necessary permissions. Incorporate keywords like “website legal compliance” and “permissions for online content” to address legal considerations effectively.

  8. Costs: Set a budget for website development, considering factors such as design, development, and maintenance costs. Utilize keywords like “website development budget” and “cost-effective web design” to find optimal solutions that fit your financial parameters.

Taking these factors into account, enriched with relevant keywords, will not only guide the creation of your website but also contribute to its success in the competitive online landscape of Chicago.

Digital competition among businesses in Chicago is becoming increasingly intense due to the growing importance of the internet in the corporate world. Businesses in Chicago are competing in an ever-more digital environment as consumers increasingly use the internet to search for products and services. Key aspects of digital competition among businesses in Chicago include:

  1. Online Presence: Companies are competing to have a solid and visible online presence, whether through their own websites or via social media platforms.

  2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for appearing in top search results, and businesses are investing in SEO techniques to improve their rankings in search engines.

  3. Digital Marketing: Companies are employing various digital marketing techniques such as email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing to reach potential customers.

  4. Mobile Applications: Many businesses are developing mobile applications to enhance their online presence and provide a more personalized experience to their customers.

  5. User Experience: User experience is essential for retaining customers on a website, and companies are investing in improving the usability and accessibility of their websites.

  6. Innovation: Companies are seeking ways to innovate and differentiate themselves from competitors, whether through new products or services, or through new marketing techniques.

There are several basic steps to follow when creating a website. The general steps are outlined below:

  1. Identify the website’s objective: Before starting to create a website, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with it. Do you want to sell products or services? Provide information about a company or organization? Generate leads or attract new clients?

  2. Choose a website creation platform: There are various platforms that allow you to create your website easily without technical knowledge. Some popular options include WordPress, Wix, Weebly, among others.

  3. Register a domain name and purchase web hosting: A domain name is the web address of your site (e.g., www.mycompany.com), and web hosting is where your site will be stored.

  4. Design the website structure: Once you have your platform, domain name, and hosting, it’s time to design your website’s structure, including the navigation menu, sections, and pages.

  5. Create content: Once you have your website structure, it’s time to create content. This may include text, images, videos, and any other multimedia material.

  6. Optimize the website for search engines: It’s important to optimize your website for search engines to increase visibility. This includes keyword research, creating quality content, and optimizing the website structure.

  7. Test and launch: Once your website is ready, it’s important to test it to ensure everything works correctly. Then, you can proceed to launch your website to the public.

  8. Maintenance and updates: It’s important to keep your website updated, including updating content, fixing errors, and ensuring it continues to function properly.

Web Design Agency in Chicago

What is web page design?

Web design is the process of creating a visual and technical structure for a website. This includes choosing the layout, arranging elements on the page, and selecting colors, fonts, and images. Web page design is important because it helps improve the user experience and ensure that information is easy to find and use.

Importance of having a website in Chicago

The importance of having a website for a company in Chicago cannot be underestimated. In an increasingly digital world, the internet has become an essential tool to promote products and services and reach potential customers. A website for your company allows you to have an online presence, allowing you to reach a much wider audience than if you only relied on traditional media. Plus, it allows you to be available 24/7, meaning customers can access your information and products at any time.

A professionally designed and maintained website helps improve your company’s image and increases your customers’ trust in your brand. In addition, it is a long-term investment that allows you to promote your business effectively at a reasonable price.

One of the most important aspects of having a website in Chicago is search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is essential to appearing at the top of search results, and companies are investing in SEO techniques to improve their rankings. This includes keyword research, creating quality content, and optimizing your website structure so your customers find you.

In addition, a website allows you to carry out digital marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach your target audience effectively and at a reasonable cost. This includes email marketing, social media, and content marketing. More and more companies are investing in mobile applications to improve their online presence and provide a more personalized experience to their customers.

User experience is another key aspect of having a website. Usability and accessibility are essential to keeping customers on a website and companies are investing in improving the user experience. This includes easy navigation, attractive design, and loading speed.

Web Design Agencies in Chicago

There are numerous web design companies in Chicago offering high-quality services to help businesses establish a strong online presence.

At Axolot Agency, we provide a range of services, from website design and development to search engine optimization and integration with social media or other channels such as booking engines and platforms of interest for each project.

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